spa in haveri

Situated in a separate wing of the hotel, our therapy rooms and fitness suite branch off a colonial-style hallway lit by spectacular chandeliers. From here, guests are afforded refreshing views of the outdoor pool and verdant quadrant garden, which during colonial times functioned. Refresh and rejuvenate your senses at Spa. With a promise to soothe your – body, mind and soul, we invite you on a journey to sensory heaven by indulging in our array of profoundly relaxing therapies. Our therapies are blessed with the energies of the five elements and makes each client experience a unique sensory journey, both outward (by releasing stress and tension) and inward (by attaining a perfect state of equilibrium and peace) and is all about helping you maintain good health by stimulating the body's natural rejuvenating abilities, thereby, promoting longevity, alertness and enlightenment. Our signature treatment is based on the individual's Dosha of Pitta (heat), Vata (air) & Kapha (earth & water) We believe, that according to India's ancient science of life, health & longevity, the path of optimum health is different for each person Our therapist will assess your Dosha and customize the spa treatment to suit your unique requirement This treatment consists of a massage & scrub or wrap (as determined by the therapist), and helps in balancing the primary energies and harmonizing the physical, mental & emotional levels.